How well does print advertising work?

In the days of old, having your ad on TV was pretty much the cream of the crop. In terms of efficacy, it was followed by billboards and somewhat tied to print advertising – newspapers, magazines and pamphlets.

These days, much of the advertising world has moved online, along with most of the Western world. Many people now prefer to watch and read stuff on the web over traditional methods of getting content, so it stands to reason that the internet is also where you’d want to advertise. But what about print advertising in present day? Can it still compete with cheap and convenient online ads?

What to know about print advertising

The first thing to keep in mind about print advertising is that it’s going to cost you. The more respectable a publication is and the larger its readership, the more they can charge the advertisers to display the ads – this is how the business world works.

If you’d like to have an ad in a newspaper or magazine, you’d better be sure it’s the right kind of ad and the right kind of paper. As an Oriental rug cleaner in Florida and not a big company with endless pockets, you won’t be able to afford a ‘perpetual’ campaign where your ad will be a mainstay in some paper or magazine.

Instead, you’ll have to pick your time and place to get the most out of your ad. It’s not too different from running an online ad campaign, although it’s a bit trickier and with less guaranteed results.

That being said, the fact that online ads are so plentiful is also what makes them less effective. Having your ad in print will help legitimize your Oriental rug cleaning business to an extent. For starters, it’s likely that your competitors(if you have any in your area) aren’t using print advertising. Done right, it will give you the kind of advantage you might need to expand your client base. Speaking of…

Targeting your demographic

Yet another thing that’s much easier to do online, targeting your demographic in print can be a bit difficult. Whereas online you can literally choose the age group and location of the people to whom the ad will be displayed to, in print you’ll have to think outside the box.

You should have a good understanding of exactly who reads the paper or magazine before beginning your print ad campaign. Being an Oriental rug cleaner, many of your clients are probably middle aged and middle to upper-middle class. Going from there, ask yourself: what kinds of magazines and newspapers do these people read most often? As a blunt example, you’ll probably get a lot more from your print ad in a local business paper than you would from one in a celebrity gossip tabloid.

Other than magazine and paper ads, you’d also do well to print some pamphlets and have them featured in strategic places that your client base hangs around. Since you probably won’t be dropping these out of an airplane or helicopter, a courier dropping these in mailboxes of the right homes is your best bet, followed by working with some local businesses to have their waiting rooms ‘conveniently’ feature your pamphlet.