How to get your business listed for local listings

The abundance of places on the web where you can quickly list your New Braunfels business free of charge almost makes having dozens of local listings a necessity. The more listings you have online, the easier it will be for people to find you and learn more about your company. Exposure is rarely a bad thing, and you’ll definitely want to err on the side of having too many listings rather than too few, even if there aren’t too many carpet cleaners in the area competing against you.

Despite Google’s popularity, some still prefer to use other search engines or focus on other sites for their listings. Because of this, you can’t afford to have a Google Places listing and think that’s that – make sure your listings reach out to everyone in your area, regardless of their preferences.

Business Listed For Local Listings

Here are some of the most popular pages for local listings along with their features and what you need to do in order to get in there:

  • Google Places: The biggest of them all, listing your business on Google will probably get you the most results and should be the first thing you do to expand the online presence of your business. You’ll also get added on Google Maps which is absolutely imperative, not to mention that the whole process is free and takes just a few clicks and keystrokes.
  • Bing: Similar to Google in that it’s free and easy to register on, Bing is less popular but no less important when trying to get more clients. Bing Places also let you add media that provides a glimpse into the workings in your business, which is always a big plus.
  • Yahoo: Despite dwindling popularity, it’s not uncommon for search boxes to default to Yahoo, making a listing there equally as important. Yahoo Local Listings are notable for having monthly subscription options that let you build on your business profile and get featured in dozens of others listing pages.
  • Yelp: The top review place, Yelp features free listings with an easy method of claiming your business and also lets you interact with customers through individual reviews once you’re there.

Other than the big four, there are various other listings places you’ll want to get included in. Pages like Foursquare, YellowBot, White Pages and Yellow Pages are examples of places with listings that also include premium services meant to help you get more recognition.

If you’re unwilling to take money out of your budget just yet, there are dozens or even hundreds of relevant free sites that will gladly list you as soon as you can prove that the business is yours. Since New Braunfels isn’t the biggest city out there, so you should have no problem covering every place that lists local carpet cleaners, as well as some encompassing a wider area.

Not forgetting the actual Yellow Pages

As outdated as a phone book might seem, you still can’t afford not to make yourself available to anyone who might need your services. The truth is that quite a bit of people in a certain demographic aren’t yet accustomed to online searches and will sooner use the physical version of Yellow Pages. Even if it looks like a relic, having your local business listed there is sure to help you gain a bit more legitimacy and land you a few extra customers who might not have internet access or prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.