How to use YouTube videos to promote your business

Lots of people prefer watching videos over text or pictorials due to how engaging they can be for the viewer. On the other hand, the trick with videos of any length is to have a person watch from start to finish without getting bored. Attention spans have never been shorter with all the abundant online distractions, and video makers have had to adapt in order to survive.

If you’re a small business, you probably don’t have too much money for advertisement of any nature and could use every free boost you can get. One of these ‘boosts’ comes through YouTube videos – they cost nothing to upload and show to the entire world, can include virtually anything in their content and are often easy and inexpensive to make. So how can you use them to promote your business?

Using YouTube videos for your own benefit

If you run a local business of any kind, you probably take pride in your craft and your ability to do things right. Why not showcase it on YouTube? As a local business offering a service, one of the most effective ways to use YouTube videos for your own gain is to provide an inside look into how you do things.

In your videos, you are the master of your domain, which means you get to choose what stays and what goes. Emphasize the strongest points of your services, whatever they might be. Is your equipment more modern than that of your competition? Be sure to upload videos on the YouTube page of your business that explain this. Do you feel your methods are more intricate and produce better results than those of your competitors? Go ahead and make a step-by-step video that shows why your customers will be in good hands.

Similarly, you’ll want to ‘conceal’ any parts of your business that could use improvement. If you’d like help with this, you can work with someone experienced in video recording and editing to help you pick the right locations, angles and form of narrative that will make everything appear to be out in the open, even if it’s not.

Boosting your online presence with YouTube videos

Too many businesses underestimate the positive impact that a proper YouTube page can have on their conversions. People want to know how things are being done before doing business, and what better way to gain insight than through an explanatory video? The YouTube page for your business should be slick and professional-looking but also friendly and engaging for the viewer – don’t hesitate to give screen time to the best speaker in your employ.

Afterwards, it’s a matter of spreading the word and letting people in your area know that your YouTube page has things to see. Twitter updates are one way of doing this, as is including the YouTube link in various forms of online advertisement.

Since YouTube lets you closely monitor viewer statistics, you’ll soon gain a greater understanding of who watches your videos and why, letting you run better ad campaigns and self-promotions.